Origins of Irish Surnames

In ancient Ireland the population was much smaller and the mass movement of peo­ple was uncommon. It was usual therefore to be known by only one name: Niall, Eoin, Art, etc. As long as there was no one else in the same area with the same name then there was […]

Irish Clan Symbol

1916 Easter Rising Patriots

1916 Easter Rising Patriots #3

1916 Rising Leaders Éamonn Ceannt was born in Ballymoe, Co. Galway in 1881, the son of a R.I.C. officer. He was educated in Ballymoe at the Irish Christian Brother’s school. After leaving school he joined the Gael­ic League, where he first met Patrick Pearse and Eoin MacNeil. He also worked […]

1916 Easter Rising Patriots #2

Patrick Pearse was born in Dublin in 1879. His father James was a stone worker who worked on Church buildings in Dublin. His mother Margaret was a survivor of the Great Hunger in 1846 and came to Dublin from Co. Meath, where she met James and raised four children, Patrick […]

1916 Easter Rising Patriots

1916 Easter Rising Patriots

1916 Easter Rising Patriots #1

James Connolly James Connolly was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on June 5, 1868. He was a committed Marxist union leader and revolutionary, and one of the leading participants in the Easter Uprising, 4/24-29/1916 against British rule. After arriving in Dublin in 1896, Connolly helped found the ‘Irish Socialist Republican Party’. […]