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History of the Name: Mac Suibhne – Mac Swiney – Mac Sweeny – Sweeny

The surname Sweeny is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic ‘Mac Suibhne’, and has its origins in Scot­land.  Meaning ‘pleasant or well-disposed’ the Gaelic name was also used as equivalent to the unrelat­ed Old Norse personal name ‘Sveinn’, meaning “boy”, “servant”. The original ‘Mac Suibhne’ was a Scot­tish chief based […]

Irish Clan Symbol

Origins of Irish Surnames

In ancient Ireland the population was much smaller and the mass movement of peo­ple was uncommon. It was usual therefore to be known by only one name: Niall, Eoin, Art, etc. As long as there was no one else in the same area with the same name then there was […]